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Beautiful Drip Birthday Cake Ideas

     There are different designs of cake, my favourites are these drip cakes which are so in trend nowadays. You can see it on any social platform like Instagram. I thought it’d be fun to make a round-up of my favourites, to show how versatile drip cakes can be!

Without further ado, here are some amazing drip cakes! I hope these drip cake ideas and designs will inspire you to try these drip cake recipe, and get creative in the kitchen.

Birthday Cake Designs #1 - Pink Candy Drip Cake

This is one of my favourite and the most trending cake on Instagram. Such a beautiful cake. Perfect to surprise your loved ones.

birthday cake images

Birthday Cake Design #2 - Matcha Drip Cake

Want to mix things up a bit? This matcha layer cake is delicious, and such a delicious flavour! I’m still not over this beautiful the matcha buttercream look and moreover how amazing it tastes.

Happy Birthday Cake designs

Birthday Cake Designs #3 - Upside Down Caramel Drip Cake

These Upside down drips looks very different and creative. This is very different from other drip cakes which adds an fun effect.

Birthday cake designs

Birthday Cake Designs #4 - Baileys Drip Cake

While this may not look like a drip cake, it originally was! It just swirled a fun pattern into the sides to mix things up!!

Happy Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Designs #5 - Double Drip Cake

This is one of the more challenging drip cake design, but also so pleasing to make. It looks like a piece of art!

Cake photo

Birthday Cake Designs #6 - S'mores Drip Cake

This s’mores-inspired cake just wouldn’t be complete without a melty chocolate drip. And without mini s’mores placed on top of it!!

Birthday Cake Images

Birthday Cake Designs #7 - Rainbow Drip Cake

This Rainbow cake is one of my favourite. The rainbow lollipops, cake layers and the colourful drips make it a perfect birthday cake.

rainbow birthday cake designs

So, these were some drooling birthday cake ideas for you. Hope you liked it. But if you're looking for some different birthday cake designs then you can check our collections for cake designs and save your favourite ones.

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